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Electronic Signs—North Central Iowa
I-35 SB @ Clear Lake - OH
I-380 SB @ Waterloo - OH
US 218 SB @ Lone Tree - OH
US 218 SB @ San Marnan - OH
I-35 NB @ Williams-OH
SS1836 - I-380 NB @ MM 70 sign not in use
SS1982 - US 20 EB @ MM 226.2 sign not in use
SSR2520 sign not in use
US 18 WB @ Mason City - SM sign not in use
SSR2715 sign not in use
SSR2678 sign not in use
US 20 EB @ Union - OH
I-380 NB @ Evansdale - OH
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Active Sign Active Sign Travel Time Sign Travel Time Sign Inactive Sign Sign Not In Use